Remote (VPN) Documentation


There are several options for connecting to the NYULMC network.  In all cases, you must have internet connection and navigate to atNYULMC to log in. The three options are:

1. Basic Access VPN

Basic access is sufficient for most users wishing to access internal websites (including Webmail) or launch applications from the portal.  This requires:

  1. You use a supported web browser
  2. Your computer meets the minimum system requirements


2. Advanced Access for Windows

For those users who require access to more advanced tools (such as RDP or certain applications such as the Analytics Center), there is also Advanced Access for Windows.  This requires:

  1. Internet Explorer is configured as your default browser, NYULMC is listed as a trusted site, and you have downloaded the F5 browser plugin.  Visit Advanced Access VPN Instructions for PC for more information.
  2. You have installed the VPN Security Application.
  3. Your system configuration meets the Latest System & Security Configuration Requirements (which is checked by the VPN Security Application)

NOTE: Advanced access in the browser is being phased out. For all browsers except Internet Explorer 11, the NYU Langone Advanced Access App will be used instead of a browser plugin.